CCBC Friends Fall 2015 Newsletter
(2015 no. 2)

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CCBC Friends Fall 2015 Newsletter
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Letter From the President

Hello Friends!

What a full autumn we’ve had, complete with beloved CCBC traditions as well as newer events and exciting changes. In October the Friends hosted another excellent book sale, sharing the wealth of children’s and teen books with fellow librarians, teachers, and literature enthusiasts. At the Zolotow Lecture, author and illustrator Yuyi Morales discussed her own journey from Mexico to the United States as an “unwilling immigrant,” her path to picture books, and the fascinating processes behind some of her most beloved works. Yuyi kept us laughing while reminding us of the power of children’s literature not only to tell stories, but to change lives. The Friends also hosted the Second Annual CCBC Bowl, packed with excellent trivia questions and a special Harry Potter round with a few questions that stumped even the most dedicated fans. The famed Babe the Blue Ox trophy passed to a victorious new team, and we all look forward to the third year of this wonderful new tradition.

As we enjoy these annual events we also look toward new things on the horizon in 2016. We are in the midst of creating a more user-friendly website for information sharing, purchasing and renewing memberships (now with the option to renew for more than one year at a time!), and showcasing the great work of the Friends. And our new Membership Committee is hard at work coming up with creative ways to attract new members and continue supporting the important work of the CCBC.

Thanks to all of you for your commitment to the Friends – your membership helps us support the publication of CCBC Choices, hold events like the CCBC Bowl, and so much more. Have a lovely holiday season, and I hope to see you at another wonderful Friends event soon.

Kelsey Johnson-Kaiser
President, Friends of the CCBC

Letter From the Director

We’ve been in our new space for a little over a year now, and have really settled in.  Multiple problems with the front entrance have been fixed (finally!) and now have all the pictures hung. Hooray! Now our new location really feels like home.  
The first thing you see when you enter the CCBC now is a beautiful framed poster from the “…And Peace Attend Thee…” exhibit that happened in New York City back in 1984.  The exhibit was curated by Wisconsin illustrator Nancy Ekholm Burkert, and the poster features an illustration from Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present written by Charlotte Zolotow and illustrated by Maurice Sendak.
The poster was inscribed by both Charlotte and Maurice to CCBC Director Emerita Ginny Moore Kruse, and it’s one of the things we found in storage last summer when we were packing up to move.  We returned it to its rightful owner and Ginny immediately had the poster framed and then donated it to the CCBC. 
It makes me happy to see it every day when I enter the CCBC, and not just because Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present is one of my all-time favorite books.  The poster makes me think of all the Wisconsin connections to it, and of my early years at the CCBC, recalling all the excitement around that exhibit.  I remember Nancy telling us about Vera Williams dropping off her art for the exhibit and promptly rolling up her sleeves to help with the installation.  I think of Charlotte, of course, when I see her spidery inscription in green ink. And I think of Ginny, whose generosity and commitment to the CCBC seems to know no bounds. 
Most of all, I take a moment to reflect on peace. The world is such a tumultuous place and sometimes peace seems impossible these days. But when I enter the CCBC, there it is – that poster reminding me that there is always hope. That those of us who work with children and books are always looking for ways to give them a more peaceful world.  It’s the children’s book community that always makes me feel this is possible.  And I feel it most strongly when I’m at the CCBC.

KT Horning
Director, CCBC

Fall Friends Events in Review

Charlotte Zolotow Lecture
(Photos: J. Matzner) 

Yuyi Morales delivered the 2015 Charlotte Zolotow Lecture, titled "The Power of Story in the Landscape of Memory and Identity," on Tuesday evening, October 20, at the Marquee Theater in Union South on the UW-Madison campus.
When Dr. Mary Hoefferle from the Art Education Department introduced Yuyi Morales, she used the phrase, “vibrating with life.” This phrase fits both her artwork and Yuyi Morales herself. She lit up the room as she shared her personal journey as an artist, wife, mother, immigrant, illustrator and writer. As the title implies, memory and identity shape everything she creates. There are bits and pieces of Yuyi woven into her writing and illustrations.
Morales shared a tale from Mexico about a man who was so passionate about his trumpet playing that he drove others around him crazy. Ultimately he was transformed into a bird to sing always. She explained that she “loves stories like this because they actually tell the truth.” Like the trumpet player, Morales is passionate about her work. She loved copying and this is one way she learned and practiced her craft. Even as a child she copied and copied and copied.
Her reading life was also important. Children’s books weren’t available to her, but encyclopedias and magazines were, along with adult literature. One of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s books brought her to the realization that she was a reader and she loved reading. As she grew older, though, she forgot that she loved to draw and read.
She rediscovered these loves when she involuntarily immigrated to the United States -- thinking she was just coming for a visit and then realizing she couldn't easily go home and return -- and first visited the children’s section of a public library. When speaking of her immigrant experience she said, “We come here feeling that we do not have what it takes to succeed. We need to hear you are enough.” Books like Chato’s Kitchen showed that there were books about people like her. She found, “Latino books celebrating everything I’m not supposed to want to be.” These books and many more helped teach Morales to read and speak English. They also taught her what she wanted to be and what she did not want to be. Above all, she learned, “I have a story to tell.”
Ever since, she has been telling her story. She learned how to create her illustrations and her books through the library. “When you need to know how to do something,” Morales advised, “go to the public library and you find a book that tells you how to do it.” 
She also relies on people as resources. For her book Viva Frida, many friends and artists helped her learn how to do the things she needed to do like making the puppets, the jewelry and more. Morales continually learns and does whatever it takes to tell her story.
Morales explained how she saw Frida Kahlo and her art. “It is through art that we find those places where we have been wounded, to rescue ourselves, to find ourselves, to heal.” She added, “Her [Kahlo’s] body was broken. She didn’t need her body, she had wings to fly.” This powerful and moving sentiment can be seen in the lyrical text and the stunning illustrations. The audience read the English text and Morales read the Spanish as we shared Viva Frida together.

We were also treated to a behind-the-scenes commentary about illustrations in Los Gatos Black on Halloween and Niño Wrestles the World. She closed with a reading of Niño and the traditional phrase "¡Y Colorín Colorado, este cuento se ha acabado!" meaning “this is the end of the story.” I truly hope there are many more stories to come.
Successful Fall Friends Book Sale

The Fall Book Sale on Saturday, October 24, was a big success! The sale opened to Friends of the CCBC members at 8 a.m. and opened to the general public at 9 a.m. Many attendees arrived early to get the best selection, while others waited until the last hour of the sale, from noon until 1 p.m., to get the best deal--just $1 a book. (Some attendees did both!)

Thank you to all the Friends who attended the book sale--and an extra special thank you to the wonderful Friends who volunteered their time to help the sale run smoothly!

If you have ideas for getting the word out about future book sales, please let us know by emailing us at

See you in the spring!
The Second Annual CCBC Bowl!
(Photos: J. Matzner)

On Friday, November 13th, about 60 Friends gathered at Hotel Red in Madison to compete in the second annual CCBC Bowl children’s literature trivia contest.

 The CCBC Bowl was originally created to celebrate children’s literature and honor the Friends of the CCBC. The first bowl, held in 2014, was hosted by Madison author and illustrator Kevin Henkes.

This year, children’s illustrator and author Tom Lichtenheld entertained us all as the official host of the event.  A graduate of UW-Madison, Lichtenheld is the creator or co-creator of many distinctive children’s books including Duck! Rabbit!; Shark vs. Train; Friendshape; Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and many more.  In addition to acting as the quiz master, Lichtenheld shared the interesting story of how he created the New York Times bestselling Duck! Rabbit! with Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

The event kicked off with a social hour during which attendees chatted while eating snacks and sipping on cleverly-named drinks such as the Tom Lichtenheld Collins or the Cre8ive Cosmopoli10.  Before the trivia competition began, participants divided into seven teams and came up with their own team names.
The event also included a wonderful silent auction featuring signed books, broadsides, and other children’s literature goodies.  Special thanks to Tom Lichtenheld, Kevin Henkes, Laura Dronzek, Lois Ehlert, Liz Garton Scanlon, Kate DiCamillo, Candlewick Press, Chronicle Books, Scholastic, Mystery to Me Bookstore, and Little, Brown Books for Young Readers for their generous donations to the silent auction.
The trivia competition consisted of three rounds of questions, all carefully created and researched by the CCBC librarians.  CCBC Director KT Horning ran the slideshow and librarians Merri Lindgren and Megan Schliesman sat in the “Interrobang Corner” to judge responses and keep track of the point totals.  New to this year’s competition was the special Harry Potter Round, which consisted of 15 challenging Harry Potter-related questions.  One question asked, “What is Dumbledore’s full name?”  If you guessed “Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore” you are correct!  Remember, partial answers did not receive credit and tools like books or the internet were not allowed.

Prizes were awarded to the first, second, and third place teams.  The winning team--The Lumberjanes--received copies of six Tom Lichtenheld books and also took home the coveted Babe the Blue Ox trophy.  Second place received Babe the Blue Ox truffles created by the Chocolate House of Bemidji and a copy of I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld.  Third place received packages of chocolate Babe the Blue Ox poop and a copy of Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton and Tom Litchtenheld.

A great time was had by all!  We hope to see you at next year’s event, and please know that we do appreciate your “FRIENDshape”!


CCBC Statistics featured in Publisher's Weekly

In honor of Native American Heritage month, Publisher's Weekly recently posted an article looking at the status of representation of American Indians in the children's publishing world. The article cites the CCBC's annual statistics on the representation of people of color and First/Native Nations in children's literature, posing the question, "Could the results of the CCBC’s survey, coupled with the We Need Diverse Books movement, inspire a change in the number of books published by and about Native Americans?"
Publisher's Weekly coverage of CCBC Bowl

In case you missed it, Publisher's Weekly highlighted the CCBC Bowl in the November 19th edition of their "In Brief" segment. Check it out!

Catch up with the Friends

Featured Friends
The Friends of the CCBC will be introducing a “Featured Friends” column in our next newsletter and on the Friends website. “Featured Friends” will tell the unique stories of members of the organization and detail their interest in and work with children’s and young adult literature.

For the next newsletter, we will feature the original Friends members and give the history of how the organization and board were founded. We think this will be a very exciting introduction to the series. We hope to provide a textual timeline of the Friends of the CCBC organization and highlight the important work of our members.
If you know someone who should be profiled in “Featured Friends” please contact us at
The Friends Have a Shiny New Website!
Have you visited it yet? If not, hop on over to and check it out! It is a work in progress, but we hope it is one step closer to a more navigable, user-friendly experience for our Friends and prospective members. Through this website you can learn about upcoming events, renew your membership, purchase gift memberships, and more! Take a look and let us know what you think by emailing

Letter From
the Membership Director

Thank you all for your continued support of the Friends of the Cooperative Children's Book Center!

As many of you know, many of the great CCBC activities we enjoy are in a large part supported by the revenue generated by Friends of CCBC membership dues. Your membership support allows us to produce events like the Charlotte Zolotow Lecture and Choices Day. In addition, membership revenue also provides the funds to publish and distribute our annual CCBC Choices publication.
If you have not already done so, please renew your membership today. This will keep you on the Friends of CCBC Membership roster for 2016. You’ll continue receiving our newsletter and will also receive the CCBC Choices in Spring 2016. Your membership dues and any additional contributions are tax deductible.
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Please visit our website to purchase membership renewals, new memberships and gift memberships.

If you are curious about your membership status or have any other questions about membership, please email

Thank you,
Marianne Seiss
Membership Director, Friends of the CCBC

Welcome New Friends! 

We are looking forward to a great year together!
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Mark Your Calendars!

Save the Date: Choices Day 2016

Save the date for 2016 Choices Day on Saturday, March 5th.
We look forward to celebrating Choices and the Friends!

More details and formal invitation coming in early 2016

The Spring book sale date is yet to be determined,
so keep an eye out for more information!
Volunteering Opportunities
Interested in volunteering for the Friends, but concerned about time commitment? Consider writing a newsletter article! The Board is always looking for Friends to write articles about CCBC events, and we want to hear from you! If you are planning to attend an event and would like to write an article about the experience, or simply want to be on our list of writers, please email Kelsey Johnson-Kaiser (details below).

CCBC Friends Board

Board of Directors 2015-2016

President: Kelsey Johnson-Kaiser 
Vice President: Erin Anthony
Treasurer: Erin Augspurger
Recording Director: Shannon Furman
Membership Director: Marianne Siess
Director-at-Large: Mary Morgan
Director-at-Large: Minetta Lippert
Ex Officio: KT Horning, CCBC director 

Interested in Joining the Board?

The nominating committee will be meeting soon to develop a roster of candidates for the coming year. 
Please contact Kelsey Johnson-Kaiser,
Board President, at
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